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How are Dates Extracted and Displayed within ReadSoft Online

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How does ReadSoft Online determine the correct date format for Invoices ?



There are actually 2 parts to this question:

  1. How is a date extracted (OCR'd) and then stored in the database ?
  2. How is a date displayed in ReadSoft Online Office (Verify) ?

During extraction, country specific date formats are used to OCR dates on the Invoice.  In other words, the Document Type will determine the format of the date and how that date is stored within the underlying database.  Example:  If you process Invoices through one of the US document types, then all dates will be extracted and stored in the database using MMDDYYYY format.  If you use one of the British document types, then all dates will be extracted and stored using DDMMYYYY format.  **Unless the Month is spelled out, and then there is no question on the format.

ReadSoft Online Office (Verify) displays dates based on the user's computer & browser settings, provided that language is supported by ReadSoft Online (see Language Settings below).  If ReadSoft Online does not support your configured language then [en-US] will be used.   Example: Although English (American, Australian, British, Irish) are supported English (New Zealand) is not and [en-US] would be used in this case.  Once you open an Invoice in Online Office, any dates will automatically be redisplayed based on the display format determined above.

Example:  You have an email address configured for one of the US document types, and you mistakenly send a British or Australian invoice to that email address.  In this situation any numeric date on that invoice will be treated as MMDDYYYY when it should have been DDMMYYYY because it was extracted using a US document type by mistake.  


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