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Emails forwarded into ReadSoft Online are being rejected

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You receive a notification that emails are being rejected with the following error "Access denied, Your organization does not allow external forwarding". 



Please note, this error is not coming from ReadSoft Online. No emails are blocked by ReadSoft Online. The problem is actually due to a configuration on the sender side related to new Outbound Anti-Spam policies Microsoft is rolling out in phases to organizations within Office/Outlook 365. Any Customers or Suppliers forwarding invoices into ReadSoft Online would need to speak with their Office365 Administrators and ask them to allow automatic external forwarding for any mailboxes sending emails externally into ReadSoft Online.

Please refer to the References section below for additional information on how to adjust these configurations in Office/Outlook 365.


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Configuring external email forwarding in Office 365

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Article # 3026339
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