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No emails received from ReadSoft Online

Article # 3029831 - Page views: 45

Article # 3029831 - Page views: 45


Emails sent from ReadSoft Online are delayed or presumed missing.



1. Customer's local email rules may block the email and place them in the spam/junk folder.

2. Temporary server outage or high server load on the server causing emails to be delayed.

3.  An incorrect email address was entered into ReadSoft Online.



1. Confirm and/or make any necessary corrections to the appropriate email address.

2. Check that there's no new rules or policies that may effect the emails received from

3. Check the ReadSoft Online status page for any known outages. 

4. After confirming there are no issues with 1, 2 and 3 and the emails still hasn't appeared after a few hours contact ReadSoft Online support.


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ReadSoft Online Current      



ReadSoft Online system status page

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