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ReadSoft Online Store Account Paused

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When looking at Documents or Batches for an account created through the ReadSoft Online Store, they have a status of:

Documents: Document pending resume output

Batches: Pending resume output



For Credit Card (CC) payments, the most common reasons for a ReadSoft Online Store account to be paused are:

  • Insufficient funds
  • Expired card
  • Transaction declined by the bank



The payment method needs to be updated in the ReadSoft Online Store.

  • Log in to the ReadSoft Online Store here:
  • Click your user name in the main menu to view your profile
  • Click Payment method
  • Use the view that appears to enter a new CC

NOTE:  The Account can not be resumed manually, this has to be handled automatically by the Store once a successful charge is made against your account, which could take up to 24hrs. Also, if there are any problems with your payment method then this must first be resolved between you and your bank. 

You will still be able to work on your documents in ReadSoft Online and successfully verified documents will be assigned the above status. Your documents will be exported once your account has been resumed.


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Pausing an account

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Editing payment information

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Article # 3025466
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