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Automatic coding suggestions


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Issues with Automatic coding suggestions, and how it works. 

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Each time you code an invoice, ReadSoft Online remembers the accounts and coding dimensions you select and the percentages of the amounts on each accounting line. Then, the next time you code an invoice from the same supplier, ReadSoft Online automatically suggests the account codes, coding dimensions and amounts based on the choices you made previously.

ReadSoft Online creates an accounts-payable coding history for each supplier. The data from the last ten invoices--that have been completely processed through the system--is used to determine which account codes and amounts to suggest. Each coding history can contain up to 100 coding lines. When you code an invoice, the data that is used most often is used as the coding suggestion. If all ten coding instances are different, the most recent instance is used for the coding suggestion.

For automatic coding suggestions to work, at lease one of these fields must be specified in the supplier master-data:

  • Supplier number.
  • Organization number.
  • Tax registration number.

If organization number is not specified, it will be based on tax registration number. If tax registration number is also not specified it will be based on the supplier number.

The fixed value issue

One issue we have seen is if you have set the organization number and tax registration number to a fixed value for all your suppliers, like 0. That will mean you have multiple suppliers which also has organization number 0. This will prevent ReadSoft Online from being able to generate correct coding suggestions, since there are multiple suppliers seen as the ‘same’ from a coding suggestion perspective.

zero vat and org.png

If this is the case, to make it work they either need to specify unique organization numbers for their suppliers, or clear organization numbers and tax registration numbers so that the supplier numbers can be used in the soft link to coding suggestions.

The help pages

Our help has a pretty good page about this:



Applies to:  

Product Version
ReadSoft Online 10



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