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Export your XSLT


Question / Problem: 

How can I export my XSLT? 

Answer / Solution: 

The XSLT resources used for export cannot be directly exported from ReadSoft Online. In order to access the code, you need to do the following:

Enter How to here:

  1. Open the target system, select one using custom XSLT.
  2. Use XML Locally, SFTP (custom XSLT) or Email (Custom XSLT), it works with all target system that has an Edit button right to the XSLT (like for the PDAP target system). You can always change back to the one you were using before. This is only to get the XSLT code.
  3. Select custom transformation at the top of the list. 
  4. Click on Edit
  5. Select all and copy
  6. Paste the copied data into a text file and save as XSLT

xslt select custom.png


xslt click edit.png


xslt copy all.png


Exporting your XSLT using the Silverlight Control Center

This is even easier.

  1. Just click the Edit button right to the XSLT in the target system configuration
  2. Select all text
  3. Copy and paste into a text editor.
  4. Save as XSLT.


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Readsoft Online   XSLT



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