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Files are not exporting


Question / Problem: 

The export from Readsoft Online  is not working. 

Invoices are not showing up in our ERP system.

Answer / Solution: 

If you are using target system XML locally, you are exporting using Readsoft Online Connect. In that case it's probably that service that isn't running on your server. Please check that the exporting server is running and that the service Readsoft Online Connect is started.

Remember that some other target systems are also using Readsoft Online Connect, like Process Director AP and Hogia. 

How to find the server:

  1. Open the document history for any document that were successfully processed, exported. 
  2. The last status should be document exported. There you can also see where and to what server 
  3. ROC server.png
  4. Go to that server and open the services.
  5. Check for Readsoft Online Connect and make sure it's started and set to automatic.
  6. ROC service start.PNG

Applies to:  

Product Version Category
Readsoft Online   Readsoft Online Connect



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