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Gmail forwarding to Readsoft Online


Question / Problem: 

Customer is using a gmail email account to forward emails to the RSO email address. However, google policy requires that you confirm this by clicking a link in an email sent to the mailbox that it is forwarding to.

Customer doesn’t have access to the RSO mailbox, so he cannot confirm?

This also applies to other email forwarding where the email provider requires a authorization code in an email reply.

Answer / Solution: 

If they set up an email forwarding for all discarded batches, then the Google confirmation email will be sent there (because it does not contain a valid batch). Open the attached email, copy the link and paste into the browser and confirm.

add email forwarding.png

forward discarded.png

Create your forwarding in Google gmail. Enter the email address created for your Readsoft Online email input for that specific buyer and document type combination.

Google add forwarding address.PNG

Google will send an email to that address, at Readsoft Online, with a confirmation code. Since the address only accepts PDF, PNG, TIF, JPG and XML, this will result in a discarded email being sent to the address you setup for Discarded emails.

Google discarded email for gmail.PNG

Google gmail confirmation code.PNG

Use the confirmation link or enter the code in Gmail.

Google enter code.PNG




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