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How does RSO select supplier and how do I improve this?


Question / Problem: 

How does RSO select supplier and how do I improve this?

Answer / Solution: 

For supplier recognition we use a process called KP, knowledge processing. This process analyzes all OCR data on the invoice image with everything the user previously verified. If there is no historical data from a particular supplier the system will make a suggestion based on details in supplier master data.

For a new customer the KP base needs to be filled with enough historical data before it can be used for supplier identification. When a customer has processed invoices from at least 5-10 different suppliers, the base is considered to be big enough and KP will be used for supplier identification. If Supplier Master Data is on buyer level the same rule applies for each buyer. 

In order for the system to be confident enough that the selected supplier is the correct one, and set field status to green, at least 5 invoices needs to be processed from one supplier.

To improve the supplier identification it's very important to always verify correctly (incorrect verifying will add incorrect information to the KP and may cause disturbance).


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