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How to create new master data


Question / Problem: 

A customer want to sync master data using Excel, but since Excel can only sync existing, how do they create the master data to sync to.

Answer / Solution: 

Since Excel can only sync existing, you need to create master data using Online Connect.

How to:

  1. Create an XML file according to the template here:
  2. Configure Readsoft Online Connect to create the new master data. Click the plus sign in the bottom left in the Master Data window in the configuration.
  3. Name the master data and specify the name of the master data XML file. 

    item roc.PNG
  4. Click through the configuration and save.
  5. Check in the admin pages that the master data is created.

  6. Now you can use the Excel plugin to update the master data.
  7. Remember, the Excel add-in will only sync generic master data connected to a field.



Applies to:  

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Readsoft Online  



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