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How to find logs in Online


After completing this how-to you will have found the logs needed. Before registering a support case it can be very useful to check the logs. This often saves a lot of time for you and the support team.

Batch History

Every batch has a batch history. This seldom contain anything useful, but always check anyway. Click on the watch icon in the left hand of the batch in the batch list.

Document History

Every document in a batch has a document history. This is the closest thing for a log you can find. Click on the watch icon in the left hand of the document in the document list.


Logs for Readsoft Online Connect

Readsoft Online Connect log you can find in the Windows event viewer.

ROC event log.PNG

Log level can be changed in the Configuration.xml. Located here: C:\ProgramData\ReadSoft Software Services AB\ReadSoftOnlineConnect

<LogLevel> can be set to Normal or Trace.

Audit Trail

If there is some problem with a specific user you can often find the cause in the audit trail for the user account. 

user audit trail.png

The audit trail also logs configuration changes. This can be very useful if you find that something that used to work a specific way doesn't do that anymore. This log will tell you if someone changed the configuration, who and what they did.

audit trail admincenter.png



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