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How to separate the columns in the Workflow summary email


Question / Problem: 

In the Workflow summary "Invoice(s) for approval in ReadSoft Online" email notifications the column DueDate and GrossAmount are very close together. It's hardly possible to see where the DueDate ends and the GrossAmount starts.

Answer / Solution: 

One fix for this is to edit the the Email template for Workflow summary. The easiest way is to simply add a html space after DueDate. 

approval notice org.PNG

How to:

  1. Open the Email templates in the admin pages
  2. Open the Workflow summary email templates

  3. Find Due Date and %DueDate% and add a html space ( ) after.

    email template space.png

Next time the summary arrives, there will be a space between DueDate and GrossAmount.

approval notice space.PNG


Applies to:  

Product Version
Readsoft Online  



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