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How to troubleshoot and collect logs for Online Connect


Question / Problem: 

How do I troubleshoot and collect logs for Online Connect using Readsoft Online ConnectDiagnostics tool?

Answer / Solution: 

ConnectDiagnostics is a tool that is used to collect information about a Readsoft Online Connect installation. 

ConnectDiagnostics is built using .Net 3.5.  Windows XP and newer Windows OSes have .Net 3.5 installed by default. so they are all supported.

Also if ConnectDiagnostics  does not run in a PC, then Readsoft Online Connect also cannot run in it. 

How to use it?
  • Download ConnectDiagnostics.exe from
  • Run the Executable file as the Administrator in the PC where Readsoft Online Connect is installed.
  • ConnectDiagnostics runs automatically and collects the required information. Once complete, a new ZIP file containing all the collected information is created. ""
  • Send this ZIP file back to us as an Email attachment.
What information is collected?

     1. Readsoft Online Connect configuration XML files
      2. Event logs (Application and System).
      3. Reachability of
      4. Reachability of
      5. Reachability of
      6. Reachability of
      7. Reachability of
      8. Reachability of
      9. DNS resolution for the above URLs
    10. Checks if Readsoft Online Connect Service exists and if the Service is currently running, Windows NT User account running the Service.
     11. Checks if Readsoft Online Connect is installed.
     12. System Hardware Information
     13. Operating System name and version
     14. Installed .Net Versions
     15. PC name and IP address


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Readsoft Online