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Improved field capture


Question / Problem: 

How do I teach the system to capture the correct field values?

Answer / Solution: 

When invoices are imported into the system, they are processed through a step wherein OCR (optical character recognition) is performed. The OCR results are what are displayed in the Verify window -- what the system has been able to intelligently extract from the image. The catch is that this OCR process uses existing supplier definitions or "templates" in order to achieve better results. There are two ways that these definitions are improved: 

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  1. When you "rubber band" values on a new invoice/supplier to teach the system where to look for fields and values, the system "self-learns" and updates the definition.
  2. When you send in feedback for a document with poor capture or OCR results, our development lab manually updates the definition to improve the results.

The conclusion here is that if you've sent feedback thoroughly for the first 10 of 1000 invoices, it may take up to a week for the development lab to make the improvements to the definition. On top of that, the updated definition will not retroactively apply to the remaining/existing 990 invoices in the system since they have already been processed through the OCR engine. These improvements to the definition will only apply to new invoices after that point. 

As stated before, unfortunately, these invoices in your system have already been processed according to the existing definition, so they will have the same results. You can either manually process these or delete them and reprocess them once you begin to see improved results for invoices from that supplier. 

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