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Incorrect XML output


Question / Problem: 

I get and XML that is missing lots of information. Looking like this:


Answer / Solution: 

This is the result you get when using the XSLT OnlineTo20111014.xslt. 

In the early days of RSO XSL transformation files had to be uploaded by developers directly in the system. The XSLT name were then typed in in the target system setting. The default XSLT were back then the OnlineTo20111014.xslt. Some target system still has this XSLT typed in as default, like the "Email (Custom XSLT)". If you don't remove that this old XSLT will override any other. But, even if you remove this OnlineTo20111014.xslt

Old RSO xslt.png

I have seen cases where the OnlineTo20111014.xslt is still active, seems to have stuck in the setting.

In those cases you have to manually go in to the target system setting and click Edit and Save o couple of times. After doing this a couple of times the old XSLT was finally purged from the customer setting. 

Applies to:  

Product Version
Readsoft Online 10



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