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Invoices are not being exported to NAV/D365


Question / Problem: 

 Invoices are not being exported to NAV/D365BC

Answer / Solution: 

It is the integration's task to pick up the invoices from Readsoft Online and import them into NAV/D365.  

The import to NAV/D365BC is controlled by one of the standard job queues - OCR - Receive from Service. If they do not run properly, the import will not work. Since the integration is created and maintained by Microsoft, a job queue issue need to be dealt with by Microsoft Support.

To verify that the import function works:

  1. Select a document in the list with status "Awaiting verification". 
  2. Click the "Receive from OCR services" in Incoming documents
    incoming documents receive awaiting.PNG
  3. If successful there will be a confirmation:
    document received.PNG


Applies to:  

Product Version
Readsoft Online Current