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Invoices gets auto verified even though it selects the wrong items or data


Question / Problem: 

We are having an issue that invoices gets auto verified and sent through the system even though it selects the wrong items or data. They don't show up in Verify so we are unable to correct this yourself.

Answer / Solution: 


The customer Process control settings has three levels; Never verify, Verify on validation error or Always verify.


If it is set to only verify on field error, only invoices with VALIDATION errors must be verified. Meaning all invoices that does not have validation errors gets auto verified and sent through the system.

If Readsoft Online captures incorrect data it will not always be a validation error. Validations are done for fields like amounts on header and line items, VAT rates, Due date and Invoices date. Check your Document type rules settings.

Validations are also made for some country specific fields, like the Swedish Bankgiro, Plusgiro, Oranisationsnummer and OCR number. Also fields like Danish payment type and Swiss bank account.

You read more about it on the help pages:


Suggested solution

If you have problems with other fields like, IBAN, Account number and KID, that is not validated by default, there is always the possibility to validate these fields using master data, but that requires correct master data from the customer ERP system.

We would recommend you turn off the auto verify for a while so that all invoices has to be verified and the users has a chance to send in feedback for invoices that are not correctly captured. This way the cloud team can start adjusting these invoices supplier definitions. When the invoices after a while gets correctly captured they can switch on Data Verification on field error again.


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