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Issues running ReadSoft Online Connect


Question / Problem: 

ReadSoft Online Connect stops in the middle of the installation

Answer / Solution: 

Make sure they have access to the URL that corresponds to their location:

Simply have them click the links above to test if they have access using the same computer that runs ReadSoft Online Connect. 

  • Make sure they are able to download the files that are listed on the page that is displayed when clicking one of the links above. To do this, replace “Deployment.manifest” in the URL with one of the file names in the list you get when you click on one of the links above.


  • Log in to ReadSoft Online using the same computer that runs ReadSoft Online Connect to make sure you can connect to ReadSoft Online.
  • If you can download the files, use the same login account to run the ReadSoft Online Connect service.


Proxy issues

  • If using a proxy connection, make sure the settings are applied to the same user/account that runs ReadSoft Online Connect. By default, this is local System account. To test this, access ReadSoft Online and the update location as described above, then change ReadSoft Online Connect user to the same Windows user you tested with.
  • Readsoft Online Connect uses the internet for downloading and uploading documents and also for checking and downloading updates.
    To use this with a proxy please read this, in our help pages:
  • If the Certificate of the Proxy is invalid or if it is not available in the Certificate Store of the PC where ROC is installed, then the customer will face issues. the below is a screenshot from a customer's PC, they are trying to access the Automatic Updates link from IE and we can see that the certificate is in Red.             



Folders not created


  • Folders are not created in one directory but are created in another.
  • Generally happens after new buyers are created.


  • Run the configuration for the Desktop Connect again and click the folder icon to ensure that the folders are created.


Applies to:  

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Readsoft Online   Online Connect