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RSO reports using Microsoft Excel


Question / Problem: 

How do I use Excel to create reports for Readsoft Online

Answer / Solution: 

The ReadSoft Online Reports Add-in for Microsoft Excel lets you easily create reports from ReadSoft Online in Microsoft Excel.

The add-in supports Excel 2016 (desktop), Office 365 and Excel Online. Earlier versions are not supported.
Note that Excel Online cannot open workbooks larger than 5 MB.

Generating reports

To generate reports:

  1. Create a new blank workbook in Microsoft Excel.
  2. Enable the ReadSoft Online Reports add-in from the Office Add-ins button (Insert tab) in Microsoft Excel.
  3. At the right there will be a new menu for Readsoft Online Reports.
  4. In the view that appears, type the login information for a ReadSoft Online administrator account.
  5. Select the reports you want to generate and click Generate.

The reports that can be generated are described here: Reports for Microsoft Excel

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Readsoft Online