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ReadSoft: How to Delete an Invoice directly from the INVOICES SQL Database


Question / Problem: 

Sometimes it is not possible to delete an invoice from Manager if it has become corrupt.


Answer / Solution: 

If an invoice cannot be removed from Manager it will need to be removed from the database directly and it is recommend that these steps are carried out by a DBA and a backup of the database is taken first.

Enter How to here:

  1. Make a note of the Invoice ID number in Manager
  2. On the Database server open "SQL Managment Studio"
  3. Paste the following script as a new query against the INVOICES database


declare @docid int

set @docid = *****

DELETE FROM docprofileconnection WHERE docid = @docid
DELETE FROM docuserdefs WHERE docid in (select docid from documents where parent = @docid)
DELETE FROM docqueues WHERE docid in (select docid from documents where parent = @docid)
DELETE FROM documents WHERE parent = @docid
DELETE FROM docuserdefs WHERE docid=@docid
DELETE FROM docqueues WHERE docid=@docid
DELETE FROM documentslocks WHERE docid=@docid
DELETE FROM documents WHERE docid=@docid
DELETE FROM documentposition WHERE docid=@docid
DELETE FROM docrefby where docid=@docid

  1. Change the "******" to the Invoice ID you first made a note of at step 1

  2. Execute the query

  3. If you now refresh the view in Manager the invoice will be gone.



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INVOICES All Versions Troubleshooting


Author:  Nick Moore

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