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ReadSoft: How to solve error message (Failed to read the license information from the old plug-in) after upgrade

Failed to read the license information from the old plug-in, error message after upgrading to 6-0


You have been using Invoices version 5-8 but after upgrading to version 6-0 you get the following error message when starting the Manager:

'Failed to read the license information from the old plug-in'


Where is this message coming from and how can you solve this. 


In the beginning

In the older versions of Invoices we provided a separate plug-in called License Manager. This created a table in the database to store information about the number of invoices that were processed during Interpret. But the newer versions of Invoices, starting with 5-9, have their own built-in license counter. This uses a completely different way of counting the volume of processed invoices.

How to solve this issue

First of all you must make sure you have direct access to the Invoices database, using the SQL Management Console e.g. When looking into the Invoices database you will see a table called 'dbo.docidentoverridelog' This table is no longer used in current versions of Invoices. Before you proceed you will need to make a backup of the database, just to make sure you will not damage anything inadvertently. When you have created backup, rename this table from 'dbo.docidentoverridelog' to 'dbo.docidentoverridelog_OLD' (just a suggestion for a renaming it with this _OLD addition from our part) This will make the table useless. 

The result

The old redundant table is now inactivated and will not be used anymore. The error message should no longer appear when starting the Manager module. As always, please do follow the upgrading guidelines that are provided in the documentation. Because the old License Counter plug-in was referenced in the old Eilocal.ini file, you may want to check that this old version of the Eilocal.ini file is not used anymore. If it is then Invoices may still try and load this plug-in, which you should have uninstalled before upgrading.


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Author:  Henk Veenendaal