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ReadSoft - Issue with Transferring the UNICODE Characters to PD AP using EICC Connector


Question / Problem: 

Issue with Transferring the UNICODE Characters to PD AP using EICC.



The problem is only when the Customer wants to use the UNICODE Option i.e transfer the Unicode Characters.



Answer / Solution: 

To solve the issue please use SAP GUI Version 7.4 and EICC version 3.12.56 (this is the latest Version compatible with INVOICES 6.0) to get the EICC to transfer the UNICODE Characters.



The reasons why we are using the old Version, although a later version of SAP GUI and EICC is available, is as follows:



  1. SAP GUI 7.5 is the latest SAP GUI Version but it does not supply the DLLs needed by EICC to transfer the Invoices to PD AP, so SAP GUI 7.4 has to be used.  Our Development Team has planned to release the new EICC version compatible with SAP GUI 7.5 in the near future.



  2. EICC Version is the latest but it gives an error when UNICODE is activated in EICC settings. This version has issues with UNICODE activation and SAP GUI 7.5. This is already reported to our Development Team and they are working on a solution. The plan is to include the solution with the EICC version which supports the SAP GUI 7.5.




Applies to:  

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EICC N/A Troubleshooting


Author:  Wasiq Syed

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