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Supplier master data for Process Director


Question / Problem: 

How do I collect Master data from SAP and send it to RSO?

Answer / Solution: 

The Settings for ROC are available in the ReadSoft Online help file

In order to export Master Data from PDAP, use /COCKPIT/MD_EXPORT in PD AP that exports master data as XML files from the SAP system on to PD AP. The output of the program is intended for subsequent import into ReadSoft INVOICES or Readsoft Online. If the Fill Corporate Group ID from Company Code option is selected, it can also be used with ReadSoft Online Connect.
The following files are created.
• Buyer.xml
• Supplier.xml
• SupplierBank.xml
The files conform to the INVOICES XSDs. You can import the data in these files to ROC without modifications. 

Save the xml file somewhere in the server so RSO can pick it when you run background job.

pdap MD export 01.jpg

Make sure you set the correct Corporate Group ID. Corporate Group ID should match the Buyer External ID in RSO.

pdap MD export 02.jpg

Although PDAP can export Buyers and Supplierbanks, the PDAP integration does not support supplier banks and buyers

As for the suppliers, the Supplier master-data file setting in the target system file name must match the name of the file coming out of PDAP.

supplier matser data to pdap.png

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