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Kofax Kapow 9.5 Product Documentation


This article contains links to all the Kofax Kapow Katalyst 9.5 product documentation. 12805

All the Kofax Kapow Katalyst 9.5 product documentation is available for review or download from the links below.

Please Note:

  • The Kofax Kapow Katalyst 9.5 documentation is also provided for offline usage with your installation package, as described below.
  • Help can be opened by clicking any help item on the Help menu in Design Studio or in the Management Console.
  • Context help is available in dialog boxes of the Design Studio and in different views of the Management Console.
  • The Installation Guide, Administrator's Guide, Developer's Guide and Release Notes are available in the documentation folder of your Kapow Katalyst installation folder.
  • In addition, the documentation can also be accessed from the Windows Start menu.

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