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Kapow 9.4.x Resolved Problems


This article contains a list of the issues resolved in the Kofax Kapow 9.4.x release. 12532
  • Kofax Kapow 9.4.1
    • Make snapshot does not pick up iframes (372158)
    • Make Snapshot output of is altered (371732)
    • Support downloadable fonts (KAT-1646)
    • When using RepositoryRobotLibrary in JAVA API and Katalyst uses Proxy Server, the EXCLUDED HOST configuration does not appear to be honored (RS-12098)
    • Cannot enter text on (KAT-20470
    • Crash on revertSnapshot Wein robot (RS-16056)
    • WebKit: Accept-Language header not overridden by Additional Headers setting (KAT-2043)
    • WebKit browser process may crash on start (374747)
  • Kofax Kapow 9.4.2
    • Event listeners between several contexts would sometimes lead to memory corruption after revert. (371896)
    • Orphaned DOM Window BarInfo objects would sometimes lead to memory corruption after revert. (389736)
    • Corrupted WebFonts would sometimes lead to crash both in Default and Classic robots. (450907)
    • An issue with empty cookies and the '=' would lead to problems with the cart on (371724)
    • Double clicking links in frames could sometimes lead to crash (trying to click the second time on a deleted frame). (451468)
    • Certain JavaScript Handlers would sometimes get corrupted, while reverting leading to crash (371986)
    • Several minor logging improvements.
    • Builds now collect more symbols for improved debugging of crashes.
  • Kofax Kapow 9.4.3
    • A problem with tagfinders on Crawl page step that caused a DOMNodePointer error, has been solved (371727)
    • An issue with appending content to Excel sheets has been solved (516203)
    • A general webkit issue has been solved where extracting e.g. URLS from image links would fail hard if the image failed to load (378517)
    • A cookie of > 4096 total bytes would crash the robot. Now we do like most browsers and ignore it instead (540049)
    • An internally found issue that would cause DOM mirror error was fixed. (550132)
  • Kofax Kapow 9.4.4
    • Robot General Internal Engine Failure (556814)
  • Kofax Kapow 9.4.5
    • Loss of popupTargetUrl property value of SAP NetWeaver popup windows (557710)
    • Pop-up File Upload fails to load on SAP site (558386)
    • Clicking on buttons doesn't progress through the screens (using classic or webkit browsers) (562967)
    • Webkit robot gets error 407 when proxy is used (classic robot works fine) (563574)
    • Online docs refer to the old Customer Portal/Knowledge Base (564256)
    • FTP getting directory listing when trying to load files (564257)
  • Kofax Kapow 9.4.6
    • Creating an Excel file takes significantly longer after adding a few thousands rows (compared to creating a CSV with the same data) (578448)
    • Metadata Date from PDF can´t be extracted (568243)
    • Metadata Date from PDF can´t be extracted (568243)
    • BSP Exception error when opening popup windows in SAP NetWeaver (557712)
    • Loss of popupTaregtUrl property value of SAP NetWeaver popup windows (557710)
    • Onunload doesn't work in WebKit (571600)
  • Kofax Kapow 9.4.7
    • Load of Schedules/Robots/ Task/ takes considerable time to load (591161)
    • Robot crashes in Design Studio when using "Convert Snippet to group" (590768, 593213, 605840)
  • Kofax Kapow 9.4.8
    • Can't log in to (608452)
  • Kofax Kapow 9.4.10
    • Design Studio crashes (4418)

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