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*** Archive *** How to enable DEBUG logging for RoboServers

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Kapow RoboServers create logs that are located in the Logs folder under the Application Data Folder. In Windows, Application Data Folder is C:\Users\UserRunningRoboServer\AppData\Local\KapowKatalyst\version
In Linux, it's here: ~/.KapowKatalyst/version

By default, the logs will not contain debug information, but this can be enabled following these steps:

  1. Configure RoboServers to log events in Log4j:
    • Open the cluster settings (MC --> Admin --> Clusters)
    • Go to the "Logging" section
    • Select "Log to log4j", then click OK to save the changes

      Note: You don't need to restart RoboServer for the new settings to be saved, but any changes done in Cluster Settings can be aplied when no robots are running. After clicking OK, you can select to apply the settings immediately (and stop any robots currently running) or wait until the robots /schedules finish execution.

    • Optional: In the Profiling section, enable Profiling (select the Output type based on the amount of information you need. E.g. do you need information about evey step or just at the end of the robot execution?)
  2. Configure log4j to log debug events.
    This will require you to restart RoboServer (the changes can be made at any time, but they will only be applied after the next RoboServer restart):
    • On the machine where RoboServer is running, go to Kapow's Application Data folder
    • Go to the Configuration folder
    • Open (with a text editor)
    • There are 4 logs that can be configured to log debug information, by replacing "INFO" with "DEBUG"
      E.g. Enable DEBUG only on servermessagelog when you are investigating a problem related to RoboServers only, that is not related to specific robots.
      Enable DEBUG on robotrunlog when you're investigating a problem related to starting/stopping/executing robots
      Enable DEBUG on robotmessagelog when you're investigating issues with robot steps (in this case, enabling profiling - see above - would help too)
    • Optional: increase the number of files that are kept before being overwritten, by changing the value on this property:
      E.g. Setting DEBUG on robotmessagelog will add a lot of entries in the logs (and even more if profiling is enabled) so more log files are needed.
    • Save
    • Restart RoboServer (can be postponed, but the logs will only contain DEBUG information after the restart).

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