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*** Archive *** How to install Synchronizer as a Windows service

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RPA Synchronizer will synchronize resources from projects in Management Console to git repositories (on specific branches), This article contains the instructions to configure Synchronizer to run as a Windows service. These instructions should be followed AFTER it has been verified that Synchronizer works correctly (i.e. when run from command line) and settings have been saved using the -s parameter in the Synchronizer command.

For more information on how to configure Synchronizer, see the Administrator's Guide or the related Quick Start Knowledgebase article #308724.

More Information: 

Note: All commands should be run from <Kofax RPA installation folder>\bin.

Remove previous services

ServiceInstaller.exe -r RoboServer.conf<Name of Service to be Removed>

Install Synchronizer as Service

ServiceInstaller.exe -i Synchronizer.conf wrapper.ntservice.account=.\USER_NAME_HERE wrapper.ntservice.password.prompt=true<Name Of Service> wrapper.ntservice.starttype=AUTO_START wrapper.syslog.loglevel=INFO

USER_NAME_HERE should be the user that run the Synchronizer command when the functionality was verified and settings saved. If a new user must be used, first run the Synchronizer command to save the settings and then run the service.

This is because the service only calls the Synchronizer executable and it expects to have a settings file. If the configuration is not saved before running the service, there won't be a settings file and therefore Synchronizer will run with default values (e.g. Management Console url at http://localhost:50080)


Applies to:  

Product Version
RPA 10.4 and Later



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