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*** Archive *** Set Evaluation Mode Option for Excel Variables

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Question / Problem: 

What does this new option do in RPA v11.0.0.1 and newer?

Answer / Solution: 

This option changes the evaluation option for an Excel value in an RPA Excel variable:

This prevents any evaluation from taking place in the robot for a given Excel variable. This will enable you to either extract data from or insert data into the Excel document. While developing the robot, the only way to check that what you are doing is correct is to, from time to time, check the content of the variable using the View Ext. feature from the Data State view. Note that this creates a new external file every time, which is then loaded in Excel.

To test this functionality, add a Set Evaluation Mode step after your open Excel variable step. Set the Evaluation field value to false. You will notice the Excel variable's "Calculation Option:" property in the Data State windows change from Automatic to Manual.


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