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How to Configure Start KTA Process Step in Desktop Automation

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This Article explains how to configure Management Console and Desktop Automation Editor to call a KTA process and return the Job ID.


1. Open Management Console and select Admin | Settings | KTA Configurations.

2. Create a new configuration and enter the URL of your TotalAgility installation as follows (Note: http supports KTA with Windows authentication and https supports KTA with KTA user-based authentication). For a domain account, use the format for User Name.


3. Click the Test button and verify the connection is successful. If the test fails, re-enter the URL using the IP address of the server instead of the server name. Also check and make sure the correct protocol is used (e.g., http / https).

4. Click the Save button to save the configuration.

5. In Design Studio, create a robot and add a Desktop Automation (DA) step. No devices are required for this.

6. Click Edit... to start the DA editor.

7. Create a new variable of Text type:


8. Right-click the first circle to add a step and select Start KTA Process step:


9. Enter the KTA category and process you wish to start in the Process Field. This information can be found in your KTA Designer application.

10. Enter the variable name created in Step 7 above in the Job ID field. This value will be returned by KTA and stored into this variable.

11. Save and test. If successful, the Workflow State section in the editor will show the job ID value for the variable:


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