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*** Archive *** Application White-listing for RPA

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Question / Problem: 

A list of .exe files used by RPA

Answer / Solution: 

This list documents RPA-related applications that run during RoboServer, Management Console, Design Studio and Desktop Automation Service (DAS). This list may be updated so please refer to this frequently for updates.

This KB can be used in conjunction with KB 3024006.


(If a RoboServer installation was done using the RoboServer MSI, adjust the path name accordingly as this example cites the RPA installation with all components):

  • % LOCALAPPDATA% \ JxBrowser \ browsercore-{version} \ browsercore32.exe
  • Program Files\{Kofax RPA/RS version}\nativelib\{n}\windows-x32\kapowbrowser.exe
  • Program Files\{Kofax RPA/RS version}\nativelib\hub\windows-x32\{nn}\node_modules\cef\renderer.exe
  • Program Files\{Kofax RPA/RS version} x64\bin\*.exe 
  • Program Files\Kofax RPA version\nativelib\hub\windows-x32\{n}\node_modules\tn3270\ws3270.exe
  • Program Files\Kofax RPA version\nativelib\hub\windows-x32\{n}\bin\kapowlock.exe
  • Program Files\Kofax RPA version\nativelib\hub\windows-x32\{n}\bin\plink.exe
  • Program Files\Kofax RPA version\nativelib\hub\windows-x32\{n}\bin\node.exe
  • Program Files\Java\{jre version}\bin\java.exe

Design Studio

(adjust path if DS was installed using the DS installer instead of RPA installer):

  • % LOCALAPPDATA% \ JxBrowser \ browsercore-{version} \ browsercore32.exe
  • Programs Files\Kofax RPA version\nativelib\{n}\windows-x32\kapowbrowser.exe
  • Programs Files\Kofax RPA version\nativelib\hub\windows-x32\{n}\node_modules\cef\renderer.exe
  • Programs Files\Kofax RPA version\nativelib\hub\windows-x32\{n}\bin\node.exe
  • Program Files\Kofax RPA version\nativelib\hub\windows-x32\{n}\node_modules\tn3270\ws3270.exe
  • Program Files\Java\{jre version}\bin\java.exe
  • Programs Files\Kofax RPA version\lib\thirdparty\jxbrowser*.jar (contains 7zr.exe for extraction of JxBrowser binaries).

Management Console
(embedded mode installation)

  • Program Files\Java\{jre version}\bin\java.exe


  • Program Files (x86)\Kofax RPA DesktopAutomation {version} x32\DesktopAutomationService\bin\DesktopAutomationServiceControl.exe
  • Program Files (x86)\Kofax RPA DesktopAutomation {version} x32\DesktopAutomationService\bin\kapowlock.exe
  • ProgramData\Kofax RPA\{version}\bin\node.exe




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