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*** Archive *** Installing Management Console and RoboServer In One Service

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Is it possible to install Management Console and RoboServer in one Windows service?


Yes, both Management Console (MC) and RoboServer (RS) can be installed in one Windows service.

Below are the steps.

  1. Launch Command Prompt with an administrator account
  2. Navigate to the ...\Program Files\Kofax RPA version\Bin
  3. Refer to the command below and replace values where appropriate.

ServiceInstaller.exe -i RoboServer.conf wrapper.ntservice.account=.\USER_NAME_HERE wrapper.ntservice.password.prompt=true"SERVICE NAME HERE" wrapper.ntservice.starttype=AUTO_START wrapper.syslog.loglevel=INFO"-service""socket:50000""-MC"

3. Input the user password when prompted and press "Enter"


4. A service installed confirmation like below will appear. 


5. Start the newly installed MC with RS service in the Windows Services Console like below.



NOTE: Though this is possible it is not recommended due to if one component fails, the other one will also fail. For example, if MC component stops responding it will also cause the RS side of the service to fail as well and vice versa. 

The recommended approach is installing MC and RS services separately. This is the link that discusses the procedures, "Instructions and examples for installing RoboServer services".


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