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*** Archive *** RPA Best Practice - Changing Windows Account Password Considerations

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Question / Problem: 

What are some RPA-related best practices / considerations to take into account before changing a Windows account password?

Answer / Solution: 

Before changing your Windows password, check the following components in RPA / Kapow and update as needed:

  • RoboServer / Tomcat services. - update the Windows service's Log on tab property as needed. RoboServer as a Windows service is not installed by default - it must be installed manually so it's possible you may not have this (refer to the RPA Administrator's Guide for instructions and examples). If the MCUrl parameter was not configured in the RoboserverService installation string directly, then it could be necessary to also adjust the password in the RoboserverSettings Application. The RoboserverSettings Application needs to be started with the same user which is also used to run the Roboserver service. Tomcat services are installed in a similar manner but accomplished using Tomcat documentation.
  • Password store in Management Console - located under Repository | Password Store (if used).
  • Robot File System - located in Management Console under Repository | Robot File System tab (this option only displays if RFS is configured and enabled).
  • Robots - all steps that have hard-coded password (Webkit and Device / desktop automation steps).

Always test in a lower environment prior to updating production to ensure there are no other issues.

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