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*** Archive *** Robot Execution doesn't wait for connector deployment

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Question / Problem: 

When executing a robot in MC that has a connector, the following error is thrown:

Error from theCall Desktop Automation Workflow action. Exception: DeviceIssue. DesktopAutomation Service failed during execution of the request. Record values do notmatch: Value for field 'Connector' is invalid: Union has no variants, and can only accept a nameless value.; . Location: "Custom Action on local"


Answer / Solution: 

This is due to a timing issue as we assume that all connectors are deployed when actual robot execution starts. The execute part of the robot should have “wait if not finished deploying”.. 

This is a Bug: Bug 1499855: Robot Execution doesn't wait for connector deployment


Add a Wait step before the DA step.


Applies to:  

Product Version
Kofax RPA 11>



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