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*** Archive *** Supporting Issues Related to Anti-Automation Technologies

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Question / Problem: 

What are some best practices for troubleshooting issues against website that use anti-robot / anti-automation technologies ("AAT's")?

Answer / Solution: 

Kofax Technical Support makes every effort to help our customers resolve issues related to accessing website information using Kofax RPA.

Symptoms related to Captcha prompts and failed JavaScript errors that only appear when a robot runs and not while interactively processing on the website may be caused by AAT's. In most cases, performing network traces or browser traces can help identify whether or not AAT's are being used.

In rare cases where those issues are caused by explicit policies, messages and / or software logic preventing robots or other automated methods from accessing website information, Kofax Technical Support may provide troubleshooting information to help you identify AAT as the cause of those issues and will require our customers to contact the website owners or stakeholders to help resolve using their website via supported or allowed methods.


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