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*** Archive *** What to Provide Kofax Technical Support When Opening a New Case for Kofax RPA

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Question / Problem: 

What files to add in a new case?

Answer / Solution: 

The types of files needed depend on the type of the case:

1. Issues related to step execution in a robot

E.g. cannot load a page, page loaded but content missing, tag finder error, other errors from specific steps.

Files needed:

  • screenshot of errors or error text
  • Component where this occurs (e.g. Design Studio Design mode/Debug mode, RoboServer)
  • Simple version of robot (that still reproduces the issue), including any types or snippets used.


2. Internal Error in Robot Execution

This error occurs when the webkit browser crashes. See Knowledgebase article 13342 for more information about webkit.

Files needed:

  • Error stack trace text. Keep in mind that if this error happens in Design Studio you have to click the "Details" button to get the stack trace error. In RoboServer, the stack trace will be in the error message (in the Robot Messages log).
  • Robot and its types and snippets.
  • Crash Dump files. See Knowledgebase article 12887.


3. Management Console or RoboServer errors

For errors in Management Console or RoboServer that are not related to robot execution, see the attached form.

Kofax RPA (Kapow) Setup template.docx

Files needed:

  • Error screenshot or text (if any)
  • Description of the problem (steps taken before the issue occurred)
  • For each machine involved in the troubleshooting, fill in the sections that apply in the attached form and add the required files.
  • Logs:
    • for Management Console embedded mode and RoboServer the logs are in the Application Data folder in the Logs folder.
    • for Management Console deployed into Tomcat, attach all Tomcat logs (all files from Tomcat's logs folder).

See the complete Kapow Log matrix in Knowledgebase article 13529.

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Kofax RPA All Troubleshooting
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