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Extract from Email: How to extract text\plain attribute from an email body

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Question / Problem: 

When attempting to extract the body of an email using Extract | Text or Target, the variable is blank. How can the body of an email be extracted? 

Answer / Solution: 

When using the Extract from Email step (v11.1 and newer), use the following steps to extract the body of an email. Verify a variable exists to extract this data into (long text will work fine).

1. With the body selected, right-click and select "Open frame in tab":


2. A new tab opens titled "text/plain":


3. From there, select the body and right-click | Extract | Text and send to your variable.


4. When the step is run, verify the variable field populates in your Data State tab in Design Studio:


5. If you have additional steps to build, make sure you right-click the first tab and select "Set as Current Window" to resume:



Applies to:  

Product Version
RPA 11.1



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