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Failed to Create Database 'ScheduleDB' When Launching Management Console

Question / Problem: 

Management Console is failing to launch with this error, “Failed to start management console. Java .sql.SQLException. Failed to create database 'scheduledb'”. How can this be fixed?

Answer / Solution: 

When Management Console (MC) starts for the first time, it needs a bit more time to start because it has to create all its temporary files and all the tables in its background database (the "ScheduleDB" from the message is this DB). If the start process was interrupted (the command prompt is closed or the process is stopped with Ctrl+C), then some of the temp files or tables will not be created and may cause corruption to the ScheduleDB.
If this MC has never been used before (e.g. no robots, schedules, etc.), the fix is to remove the corrupted schedule DB and then allow MC to completely load on the next launch. 

Below are the steps to resolve this issue.

  1. Go to the Application data folder of the user that started MC (if you were just starting it in a command prompt, it's the user you're logged-in to Windows). This is the path discussed, C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Kapow\<version>
  2. Rename the Data folder to Data_old. (MC will create a new one on the next successful launch)
  3. Start MC through the command prompt utilizing this command, "RoboServer -p 50000 -MC" below or simply clicking the Start Management Console option in the Windows Programs list.
  4. Wait for "HTTP Connector on port 50080" to appear.

"HTTP Connector started on port 50080" is the indicator that MC has started correctly. 


Generally, to avoid any errors from MC (mostly during first launch), do not stop the process before seeing "HTTP connector started on port...". In some rare situation, MC took up to 20 minutes to start on first launch.



Applies to:  

Product Version Category
Kofax RPA All Versions Management Console
Kapow All Versions Management Console
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