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Kapowlock Parameters

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Question / Problem: 

What are the available command line parameters for Kapowlock?

Answer / Solution: 

Here is the list of parameters that can be used for Kapowlock:

Usage: kapowlock.exe [options] server[:port]
-u: user name
-d: domain
-s: shell / seamless application to start remotely
-c: working directory
-p: password (- to prompt)
-n: client hostname
-k: keyboard layout on server (en-us, de, sv, etc.)
-g: desktop geometry (WxH)
-f: full-screen mode
-b: force bitmap updates
-A: path to SeamlessRDP shell, this enables SeamlessRDP mode
-B: use BackingStore of X-server (if available)
-e: disable encryption (French TS)
-E: disable encryption from client to server
-m: do not send motion events
-C: use private colour map
-D: hide window manager decorations
-K: keep window manager key bindings
-S: caption button size (single application mode)
-T: window title
-t: disable use of remote ctrl
-N: enable numlock syncronization
-X: embed into another window with a given id.
-a: connection colour depth
-z: enable rdp compression
-x: RDP5 experience (m[odem 28.8], b[roadband], l[an] or hex nr.)
-P: use persistent bitmap caching
-r: enable specified device redirection (this flag can be repeated)

'-r comport:COM1=/dev/ttyS0': enable serial redirection of /dev/ttyS0 to COM1 or 'COM1=/dev/ttyS0,COM2=/dev/ttyS1'
'-r disk:floppy=/mnt/floppy': enable redirection of /mnt/floppy to 'floppy' share or 'floppy=/mnt/floppy,cdrom=/mnt/cdrom'
'-r clientname=': Set the client name displayed for redirected disks
'-r lptport:LPT1=/dev/lp0': enable parallel redirection of /dev/lp0 to LPT1 or 'LPT1=/dev/lp0,LPT2=/dev/lp1'
'-r printer:mydeskjet': enable printer redirection or mydeskjet="HP LaserJet IIIP" to enter server driver as well
'-r clipboard:[off|PRIMARYCLIPBOARD|CLIPBOARD]': enable clipboard redirection.
'PRIMARYCLIPBOARD' looks at both PRIMARY and CLIPBOARD when sending data to server.
'CLIPBOARD' looks at only CLIPBOARD.
-0: attach to console
-4: use RDP version 4
-5: use RDP version 5 (default)
Note: Kapowlock in versions below 10.3.1 are based on rdekstop while kapowlock in 10.3.1 and after are based on freerdp. The colon notation is freerdp style and only supported in kapowlock from version 10.3.1. The command line parser in the rdesktop based version does not handle the colon (:) as flag/argument separator.


Applies to:  

Product Version
RPA 10.3.1 onwards