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Kofax RPA - Features and Versions


Question / Problem: 

This article contains a mapping of Kofax RPA (Kapow) features and the versions in which they were added.

Answer / Solution:

Version New Features Features removed
  • Device Automation (terminals, remote Device Automation)
  • multiple LDAP servers
  • JMS
  • Password Store
  • new Device Automation features:
    • OCR (extract text from image and Image Finders)
    • Lock Screen
    • Looping
    • Scrolling
    • Mouse Press & Release (for drag & drop)
  • Dynamic mappings (for Device Automation)
  • Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF)
  • Headless (Built-in) Excel
  • Attended Automation (Trigger robot)
  • Intelligent Screen Automation (ISA)
  • Docker Deployment
  • Java Script Polyfills
  • Dashboard tab in Management Console (use Analytics for Kapow/RPA instead)
  • "Device Automation" renamed as "Desktop Automation"
  • Document Transformation Service (DTS)
  • new CEF feature (Cookie management)
  • Product renamed as "Kofax RPA"
  • Git (Robot Lifecycle management)
  • Process Discovery
  • SAML
  • new DTS features
    • Document Separation
    • Online Learning
  • Robot File System
  • KTA Integration
  • DTS improvements:
    • Sentiment analysis
    • Docker deployment
  • Kapplets are installed in separate application
  • Connector framework
  • Two types of robots: Web Automation and Desktop Automation
  • Support for CyberArk in Password Store
  • Kapplets tab removed from Management Console
  • new UI for Management Console
  • Management Console has user authentication enabled by default
  • Robot priorities in schedules and queues (+ rest api)
  • Email Triggered robots
  • Desktop Automation Improvements:
    • CEF Screen resolution
    • CEF JavaScript Execution
    • Omnipage OCR used in ISA
    • PDF Viewer


Applies to:  

Product Version Category
RPA 10.0.x and Later Documentation


Author:  Delia Milchis