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RPA Best Practice - Changing Windows Account Password Considerations


Question / Problem: 

What are some RPA-related best practices / considerations to take into account before changing a Windows account password?

Answer / Solution: 

Before changing your Windows password, check the following components in RPA / Kapow and update as needed:

  • RoboServer / Tomcat services. - update the Windows service's Log on tab property as needed. RoboServer as a Windows service is not installed by default - it must be installed manually so it's possible you may not have this (refer to the RPA Administrator's Guide for instructions and examples). Tomcat services are installed in a similar manner but accomplished using Tomcat documentation.
  • Password store in Management Console - located under Repository | Password Store (if used).
  • Robot File System - located in Management Console under Repository | Robot File System tab (this option only displays if RFS is configured and enabled).
  • Robots - all steps that have hard-coded password (Webkit and Device / desktop automation steps).

Always test in a lower environment prior to updating production to ensure there are no other issues.

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