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What Does Acquired Status Mean in MC?

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Question / Problem: 

Sometimes, when executing robots in MC, the status of the Robot execution in Admin -> Task View is set to ACQUIRED.

What does Acquired Status mean in MC? 

Answer / Solution: 

When a robot has an Acquired status it means MC is finding an available RoboServer instance in order to run the robot. Therefore, Acquired status should only be brief (while MC can find an available RoboServer) and should change to Running immediately after. It shouldn't stay in this status unless there's an issue coming out of the Acquired status to Running status, meaning an issue with the Roboserver.

Try to restart the Roboserver Service, remove it and install it again if it's running as a windows service. 


Applies to:  

Product Version
Kapow All
Kofax RPA All



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