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Additional docker information beyond the Admin Guide

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Where to find additional information on setting up docker outside the Administrators Guide



Download the Linux 64 bit installer from

Untar the installer on your server.

Under the ~/Kofax software release directory created will be a docker directory.

In the docker directory is a file called This file gives more insight into standing up Kofax RPA using Docker.

Also in the docker directory is a directory named compose-examples. This directory has a group of yml files for setting up some of the basic Kofax RPA configurations. For instance a user would modify and use the docker-compose-basic.yml for a single Management Console/Roboserver with Tomcat environment that uses MySQL as the database. A user would need to modify this to set the network settings for your environment, modify it to include your licensing information, and if you want to use a different database this is where that would change also.


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Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax RPA > 10.x      


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Article # 3035390
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