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Best Practice for Resolving Issues with Browser Update Messages

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Some websites in Design Studio display a message about updating the browser engine. Can this be done in Kapow / RPA and if, yes, how?


Although is not possible to update the browser engine in Kapow / RPA, there are some settings that can be altered to help troubleshoot and sometimes resolve this issue.


1. If the robot is configured for minimum execution, change it to full execution mode and retest.

2. Enable polyfills.

3. Using Chrome with Developer Tools network trace enabled, capture the user-agent header data and configure the robot to use that working version (Robot Configuration > All Loading tab > HTTP User agent)

4. Test using Device Automation with the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) browser. Create a DA step and, in workflow editor, see if the browser will come up using Chromium via an open step.

Note: the browser agent used by CEF can be changed as well. See Knowledgebase article #3035194: How to change the default user agent used by the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF).


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