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Configure Robot to Run on a Single RoboServer

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Can a robot be configured to run to a particular RoboServer?


Background information

By default, when running a robot (regardless if this is manually, from a schedule or API) you can only select the cluster on which the robot will run.

If the cluster has multiple RoboServers, the Management Console will send the robot to be run to the first RoboServer it finds online and with available slots.

Note: to find out if a RoboServer has available slots go to Management Console > Admin > RoboServers and calculate the difference between the values for "Max Robots" and "Running Robots". The result will be the avaialble slots for this RoboServer.


To ensure that a robot is run on a specific RoboServer you have to:

  1. Configure a cluster to only have this RoboServer (this can be a new cluster, or one of the existing clusters)
  2. Configure the robot to run on this cluster
    if the robot runs from a schedule, select this cluster in the schedule settings
    if the robot is called from REST/SOAP/Kapplet edit the project settings containing the robot to have the "Service Cluster" set to the cluster from step 1 above.


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