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Docker settings for Windows 10 running on VMWare

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Before starting the VM go into:
Settings->Processor and check the Virtual Intel VT-x/EPT or AMD-V/RVI checkbox.
Network Adaptor should be set to NAT

Start the VM.

Docker for windows is actually using virtual box to build a Linux VM to run on windows.
For windows 10 on VMware it uses the docker toolbox download installer to emulate the system not the normal docker download installer. See the link below for information on docker toolbox:

Download the latest docker toolbox from:
Run the installer and make sure to check the box for installing virtual box.
After the installation is finished then run the Docker Quick start desktop icon.
This may take a while to start the VM and get an IP address for it.


If you see this message:
looks like something went wrong in step 'looking for vboxmanage.exe'

Make sure these environment variables are set:

These first four should be set already, if not use your machines settings:
setx DOCKER_CERT_PATH = "C:\Users\[user]\.docker\machine\machines\default
setx DOCKER_HOST = "tcp://[hostip:port]
setx DOCKER_MACHINE = C:\Program Files\Docker Toolbox\docker-machine.exe

These three may need to be set manually:
setx DOCKER_TOOLBOX_INSTALL_PATH = "C:\Program Files\Docker Toolbox\\"   
setx DOCKER_TOOLBOX_INSTALLPATH = "C:\Program Files\Docker Toolbox\\"
setx VBOX_MSI_INSTALL_PATH = C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\\"

Then run the Quick start.

If it comes up run: docker run hello-world
You should see "Hello from Docker!" in the display.

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