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How to Send Files as Attachments in an Email

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How can files be sent as attachments in an email with Kofax RPA?


The Send Email step can be used to send a single attachment with its attachment option configured to be on. Multiple attachments can be sent by either combining the files into a zip, using an online service, or looping through the list of files (e.g. PDFs) and send one file per email.


  1. Prerequisite step(s): load the data from the file that should be attached into a variable (e.g. load a .zip file into a Binary variable).
  2. Create a new step for Send Email, found in the Output category for possible action steps. 
  3. On the "Attachment" tab check "Include Attachment"
  4. Content: select a variable to include as the attachment (see step #1) by using the variable option, or choose a custom expression or converters to allow for logic based rules on which attachment to use. 
  5. Content Type: leave as Automatic (will be detected based on the "Content type"). This should only be changed if really needed and if the variable content and the Content type selected are compatible (e.g. sending an XML as text).
  6. File Name: this will be the file name as it will appear in the email. It doesn't have to be the same as the name of the file (i.e. the local file being attached)

  7. Configure the rest of the Send Email step, filling in the Mail Server, user & password, FROM and TO fields as those are required. 


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Article # 3035683