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How to change the interval for email triggers in Kofax RPA

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By default email triggers check email folders for new emails (that would trigger a robot) every 2 minutes. Can this be changed?




The interval can be changed only when Management Console is deployed in a standalone Tomcat server by following these steps:

  1. open mc-service.xml from the Tomcat installation folder under /ManagementConsole/WEB-INF/spring
    (Note: use your custom application name if not using the default "ManagementConsole")
  2. Find the bean with id="robotEmailApplication"
  3. Change the runInterval. The value represents minutes and has to be an integer >=1.
    <bean id="robotEmailApplication" class="">
            <constructor-arg ref="robotEmailApplicationConfig"/>
            <constructor-arg name="runInterval" value="5"/>
  4. Save mc-service.xml
  5. Restart ManagementConsole



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RPA 11.1 and Later      


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Article # 3048703