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How to change the logging level for the Desktop Automation Service

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Question / Problem: 

How to configure the Desktop Automation Service (DAS) to log more detailed events? In the later versions (10.6 and later) by default, the log level is WARN.

Answer / Solution: 


  1. On the machine where the Desktop Automation Service (DAS) is running, stop the service by right clicking the "Shutdown Desktop Automation Service" button on the System tab of the Desktop Automation Configuration Tool.
  2. Open the Application Data folder. By default this is:
    • for version 10.6. and later: C:\Users\<User_Running_DAS>\AppData\Local\Kofax RPA\<version>
    • for version 10.5 and earlier: C:\Users\<User_Running_DAS>\AppData\Local\Kapow\<version>
  3. Open log4net.xml

    Another way to get to log4net.xml is to click the "Open log directory" button from the System tab of the DAS Configuration Tool. Then log4net.xml is one level up.

  4. Locate the <root> element
  5. change "level value" tag to "ALL"
    e.g. <level value="ALL" />
  6. Save the file
  7. Restart the Desktop Automation Service.

Reproduce the issue and retrieve all files from the device's C:\Users\<User_Running_DAS>\AppData\Local\<Kofax RPA> or <Kapow>\<version>\Logs folder and zip/attach to your Support Case.


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