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I would like to confirm the specification of the Lock Screen function when the DA terminal is locked with the screen saver

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・A device locked with a screen saver by a Windows function can be operated by executing Lock Screen in the Remote Device Action step.

・A device locked by Lock Screen by the product's function and then locked by the screen saver by the Windows function will not be able to operate the screen even if you execute Lock Screen in the Remote Device Action step.



this is indeed expected behavior.

1. The Lock Screen step unlocks the screen saver; after that, the screen of the remote computer is visible to DA and the remote computer can be automated

2. The second Lock Screen, after activation of the screen saver, is a no-op because the first Lock Screen is still active. The active screen saver makes the screen of the remote computer invisible to DA.




Disabling the screen saver is advised, as it will possibly interfere with robot operation.


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