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Script Processing in RoboServer and Management Console

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When RoboServer and Management Console are located on separate systems, what configurations must be made to support running scripts on each?



To run scripts on RS:

1. Set Allow File System and Command Line Access = true

2. Create a call command-line step in robot and call the application.

The Allow File System and Command Line Access setting only applies to RoboServer (RS) - it has no impact for Management Console (MC). 


To run pre-processing script on MC machine before a schedule starts:

1. Stop MC.

2. Open the /WEB-INF/Configuration.xml file. Note that for embedded mode installations, this file will be located in:

Windows: Users\{MCUSer}\AppData\Local\Kofax RPA or Kapow\{version}\Temp\Root\WEB-INF

Linux: ./{user}/.Kofax RPA/{version}/Temp/Root/WEB-INF/

3. Find the line <property name="allowScriptExecution" value="false"/> and change the value to true and save the file.

4. Start MC. You can now run a command on the MC machine before starting a schedule.


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Article # 3035389
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